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I-Ally Team


Narrative 1 min read , March 23, 2022

Finding a new _______insert any aspect of life here__________is hard.

Want to know what is more challenging? Sticking with that specific something because of comfort.

When you are a caregiver, sometimes all you have is instinct.

Follow that feeling.

Remember that they work FOR you. You are in charge and if something does not feel right, change it.

Caregiving is the time for second opinions, not for second chances.

My dad had a terminal disease. We knew that. But, a terminal disease does not mean that a person does not mean they are no longer human.

When we first set up hospice care, my mom encountered a staff member who taught us this precious lesson.

Medication was taking longer than expected to arrive. When you are still working full-time, have a full-time caregiver, and have medication that is on a strict time schedule, timing is everything.

Are you ready to hear the response of the hospice employee?


Needless to say, that person and that company were no longer welcome in their home.

That was the day we were reminded that they worked for us.

Find a company, doctor, individual, employee that treats your loved one with love, care, and compassion.

Do not settle for anything less.

Pick your challenge, they are meant to be overcome anyways.

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