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I Ally: A Bridge For The Caregivers

Press 3 min read , January 23, 2021

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I Ally: A Bridge For The Caregivers

Being a caregiver can be as taxing as it is rewarding, and the role often goes underappreciated. While a support network of family and friends is crucial, apps can also help in alleviating some of the stresses that come with caregiving.

The world of caregiving apps is growing, and it needs to. People get stress by drawing a wide array of tasks to solve various challenges in their day to day life.

Luckily, more and more app developers are creating tools that make it easier to multitask and be there for each other.

TheWebAppMarket highlights I Ally, one of the best community of family caregivers to ease their mental stress. At I Ally, they’re passionate about being the support everyone wished had access to.

Read further to explore I Ally in detail.

What is I Ally?

I Ally is a community of family caregivers. It can be incredibly lonely to be a family caregiver, but it shouldn’t be, because there are so many of us.

We can be here for each other! Here, you can ask for advice, ask for help, tell your story, share the details of your day, as well as offer help and advice to others!


Key Features of I Ally:

I Ally specializes in keeping loved ones connected with some of its highlighted features:

  • Get the Assistance you Need– Join now to get access to Telehealth, financial & legal counsel, text therapy, administrative advocacy, and unpaid parallel peer support; Because you matter.
  • A mutual aid platform for caregivers, in which someone can post a need, and someone can respond with an offer to volunteer to fulfill that need.
  • Administrative advocacy through a partnership with Backpack Health, in which the family caregiver can store all of their medical history documentation along with that of the person they care for, putting them in charge.
  • Native hosted Telehealth platform through doxy.me, along with a multitude of providers including psychologists, mental health professionals, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, life coaches, and more.



Costing and Pricing of I Ally:

Your kindness and love is adored. There is a wide community of people, like you, sharing their hard-earned work and knowledge. Considering this, I Ally app is free to use. Simply, you have to log in and you are all set to go.


What can you do with the I Ally?

The main resource I Ally provides is access to mental health treatment for the caregiver, either through Telehealth or text. Usually, full-time family caregivers don’t have time to take care of their health, and they also don’t put their health & wellbeing first — they are too focused on the person they care for.

Over half of unpaid family caregivers report moderate to severe burden — so providing easy access to care is a crucial part of I Ally’s mission. In addition to that, I Ally provides customized access to attorneys all over the country, including those who provide pro-bono counsel for caregivers especially. This mutual aid platform allows users to take help or advice from the community.

You can also contribute to I Ally’s growth as it is also a contribution to your future financial health as a nation and across the globe. Moreover, you get the satisfaction of contributing to an important but underserved cause.

Summary of I Ally Review:

Generally, full-time caregivers don’t have the opportunity to deal with their wellbeing, and likewise they don’t give priority for their mental and emotional health – they are excessively centered around the individual they care for.

Thus, I Ally comes into the picture to foster a high-quality community built upon support rather than judgment.

The fundamental asset I Ally provides is access to emotional wellness treatment for the caregiver, distantly through Telehealth, texts, and with providers who specialize in caregiver stress and caregiver burden

Alternatives to I Ally:

Some thoughtful and comprehensive tools for caregivers are:

  • CaringBridge
  • Lotsa Helping Hands
  • Caring Village
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