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I admit

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I admit,
for all that I have written and spoken about my father's Parkinson's Disease and vascular dementia, as well as my maternal grandmother's Alzheimer's Disease; for how many times I have called attention to the stigma surrounding any form of cognitive decline (like mental illness, society doesn't know hot to confront it); through all of that, I have paid little to no attention to my own current and future brain health. I play puzzle games on my phone constantly that keep track of my 'brain score' and I'm obsessed with my brain's capacity in mental agility, focus, emotion, coordination, memory, problem solving, and language (shoutout to PEAK) but I have never made the connection between brain health and one of the staples of our existence: nutrition. Food. What we consume. As it turns out, nutrition is a main line of defense against cognitive decline. When you have the family genetic history that you have, it's a lightning bolt moment when you look at your loved one, then look in the mirror, and realize, AAHHH! This is the moment when you take in the education you have never gotten before, and you make changes. Because you still have time.

However, changing your entire diet is not only overwhelming, it can be impossible to do, if you have children or you are a caregiver and it's a stressful change you simply cannot take on. It's then you realize there are companies that have been studying this for years, for people just like you. Companies like NeuroReserve.

NeuroReserve developed RELEVATE, built on 'compelling and comprehensive dietary research by a world-class team of nutrition and neurology experts.' RELEVATE 'fills in gaps that allow us to achieve the nutritional profile of the Mediterranean and MIND dietary patterns, where brain protective evidence is strongest.'

Once I saw what is in these supplements and the outcomes in trials, I knew I had to force them upon my brother. I am taking RELEVATE, and the knowledge that I am doing everything I can to protect my cognitive abilities longer, makes me feel pretty good about myself. I take those moments where I can get them.

If you want to protect your brain health with the proper nutrition, use code I-ALLY at checkout for 15% off all of your future purchases!

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