written by
Lucinda Koza

To My Unborn Child, Wherever She Is

poem 1 min read , May 21, 2022


Soft skin

It’s the World and I’ve brought you in

I’ll protect you from bad men

I’ll show you beauty, radical acceptance,

Diversity, humility, and wonder.

I want to show you all the transcendent things we cannot grasp

Like ballet, artifacts from Ancient Egypt


Why you feel an ache in your chest when you watch Viola Davis.

I’ll never make you feel like you don’t come first

Or like you cannot depend on me. I will make you feel safe

In a way that you will carry through your whole life.

I want you to be confident. I want you to talk loudly. I want you to take up space.

I won’t allow hate to come anywhere near you.

Even the smallest micro-aggression will not be allowed.

Not in my house.

There will be no “boys will be boys”

I will never let anyone tell you not to speak or express yourself

You can wear whatever you want.

You will thrive in the most gorgeous way

You will be the promise of the future.

Through you I will give love, empathy, and the courage to fight back to the future

I will give a gift to the future.