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Lucinda Koza

I-Ally Dives Deep into Research and Artificial Intelligence in the Second Release of Mobile App

Press Partners Announcements Top Stories 2 min read , September 2, 2022

For the second iteration of its mobile app, I-Ally has partnered with TMA Precision Health.

TMA Precision Health’s mission is to provide personalized care and health equity for rare disease patients around the world. Their unique access to 3.5MM+ rare patients powers their ability to build comprehensive datasets of paired deidentified medical records and whole genomic sequencing.

With I-Ally, TMA Precision Health is providing a searchable database which includes virtually endless data about any disease area or illness, rare or not. This equals access to a giant medical library of cutting edge research and clinical trial results at the user’s fingertips. For caregivers of children and young adults, this is especially groundbreaking, as access to the most recent research can inform the caregiver(s) about new or alternative plans of care.

"We're extremely proud to be helping caregivers as part of the I-Ally community," said Joshua Resnikoff, CEO and Cofounder of TMA. "Working with partners like Lucinda and advancing healthcare equity for the most underserved and vulnerable patients is exactly why we offer free access to our research platform and free genomic sequencing for people suffering from rare diseases. I personally strongly believe in Lucinda's mission, and we're thrilled she believes that TMA is an important part of her solution."

“I-Ally users would not otherwise have access to most, if not all, of this data. Now users have visibility into where research is regarding their loved one’s disease area. This gives users agency and informs decisions they make about their loved one’s care. They are not at the mercy of the one doctor they have seen,” says Lucinda Koza, Founder of I-Ally.

I-Ally also seeks to provide effortless access to so much data. To accomplish this, I-Ally accesses an advanced artificial intelligence system through OpenAI’s API. OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company whose mission is to ensure that general-purpose artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity. OpenAI is committed to developing AI safely and responsibly.

“I-Ally hopes to create a smooth experience, where a user can ask the AI chatbot a question and get relevant information in response. This saves the caregiver time, as they won’t have to scroll through the whole app seeking something specific. The AI chatbot could lead them right to where they want to be,” says Founder & CEO Mrs. Koza.

I-Ally remains steadfastly committed to saving family caregivers time, reducing stress, and enabling informed decision making by providing access to services and support that fulfill their unique needs. I-Ally’s vision is that family caregivers can maintain a healthy and happy life while fulfilling caregiving responsibilities.

For more information, please contact Lucinda Koza at lucinda@i-ally.com.

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