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When a day sucks, say it loud, and say it proud.

Narrative 1 min read , February 23, 2022

It is okay to say it sucks.

Sometimes it just sucks, and it is okay to think that and admit it.

I have tried hard not to be a ‘Debbie Downer’ and find a positive spin on situations. It has taken me a while to get to this place and believe me, it is not easy to always find a positive, but after losing my dad, I would tell myself that I’ve been through worse.


There are days, though, where the world throws us curveballs, and no matter how many rainbows are above us or beautiful butterflies swarm our face, there are just days that suck.

If a day sucks, say it. Say it loud, and say it proud. Let the day know that you know it sucks.

For far too long, I would try to walk, telling others that things were okay, that I was not struggling, that my life was not hard.

The only person I was fooling and hurting was myself.

I was wearing the weight of the stress on my shoulders until the day the pressure became too heavy, and I crumbled.

While rebuilding my foundation, I told myself that I was done fooling myself. I was done pretending that I was not in a position that sucked.

I allowed myself to have my pity party when I needed it. I would say it loud and say it proud.


And guess what- after I would come to terms with that feeling, admit it, and say it out loud, I was over that pity party.

I allowed myself to feel my feelings for the first time in what felt like FOREVER, and it felt really good to feel and let go and not wear the weight of those feelings on my shoulders for days and weeks to follow.

Learn from me, learn from my mistake.

Give yourself the moment you need IN THE MOMENT.

Some days suck, and when the day does- say it loud and say it proud.

Allow yourself to feel that emotion, have your pity party, and continue knowing your shoulders are not carrying the weight of the world on them any longer.

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