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Lucinda Koza

Apply to be an I-Ally Advocate

Announcements 1 min read , April 11, 2021

Becoming a part of the I-Ally Advocates means you can help others by introducing them to this community -- all while racking up points and earning perks!

Even if you aren't a caregiver right now, you can still be an Advocate! We are a large ecosystem and having allies is the most important part of building a supportive community.

Perks of being an I-Ally Advocate:

  • Earn credits toward some of our partners' goods & services.
  • Earn I-Ally swag.
  • Earn discounts on I-Ally services.
  • Get a special badge next to your name that you can post anywhere.
  • The opportunity to move your way up into the I-Ally Ambassadors community.

Responsibilities of an I-Ally Advocate:

  • Get the word out as much as you can; everywhere you can!
  • Participate in the campaigns.
  • Create video or image content about your experience with I-Ally or your experience being a caregiver.
  • Earn rewards while truly helping those in need. Don't be afraid to reach out to people who may need encouragement. :)

Apply here now: http://8461393.hs-sites.com/blog/apply-to-be-an-i-ally-advocate

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