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Educational Material Narrative 2 min read , April 27, 2022

Once a year, towns all over the country have a garbage spring clean-up. This is the perfect time to take advantage of cleaning out the clutter and garbage.

The spring after my dad was diagnosed, the town I grew up was sending out information regarding their spring clean-up. My mom and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to take up family and friends' willingness to help and asked them to come over a couple of days before garbage day.

My parents lived in their house for close to twenty years. We knew that not only was a renovation of their lower-level about to begin, but after my dad passed away, my mom would be downsizing, and this was the perfect opportunity to go through years worth of memories as a whole family.

The most significant part of this event was that it was planned by someone other than myself, which also meant that it needed to be done then.

The type A person I am loves decluttering, organizing, and clearing everything that no longer has a place in the home or brings me joy. The non-type A person of my mom and brother meant that they were able to prepare that things would be happening on this date mentally.

Caregiving is expensive. Day-to-day caring is costly, and the last thing one wants to add to their plate is to pay an astronomical amount to throw away years' worth of stuff. By taking advantage of your town's yearly spring clean-up, you are saving hundreds of dollars for a dumpster while also giving yourself and your family a set date of when mentally and physically things will be gone.

I also took advantage of the day and called a local restaurant and asked if they would donate pizza to our family and friends. This pizza place immediately stated that they would be happy to donate pizza and asked how many people would be present to ensure they had enough food to feed everyone in attendance.

Remember, the worst that people, companies, and organizations can say is no. You say, "thank you," and move on, but the best case is that they say yes, and you will never know if you do not try.

People want to help. Events like these are the perfect time to accept help. Check out your town's local website or Facebook page to see when their spring clean-up is taking place and take advantage of an already scheduled event to ask for help, clear out clutter, and spend the day with family and friends.