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I-Ally Team


Narrative Thought Pieces 1 min read , January 26, 2022

Sandwich Caregivers,

The caregiver generation feels as if we are drowning in an ocean of confusion.

The sea is deep, dark, yet we love being in the water.

We, the Sandwich Caregivers, are drowning surrounded by lifeboats.

Society’s picture of the ocean shows the image of lifeboats and questions why we are still in the water, but society does not know that the lifeboats do not have gas in their tanks.

We care for the generation that brought us into this world and the ones we brought into the world.

To my fellow Sandwich Caregivers,

I see you, the caregivers waking up first and going to bed last to get a few minutes of quiet.

I get you, the caregivers trying to survive making appointments for specialists you never knew existed while also trying to make a pediatrician appointment knowing you have not seen your doctor in years.

I hear you, the caregivers crying in the shower, hoping that you are doing enough for everyone while also mentally adding to your to-do list.

I am you, the caregivers who hope that you will get cared for one day and not be the one doing all the caring.

We are the generation trying to care for our parents and our children.

Society might not understand why we are not getting into the lifeboats if we complain we are drowning.

But, what society needs to understand is we are not complaining.

We are the generation learning to use our voice.

We are the generation speaking up, speaking out, and spreading awareness of the deep, dark sea.

We are the generation of change.

Remember that, fight for that, and let’s be the caregiver generation that brings the gas to fill the tanks instead of watching future generations continue to drown.

I see you. I hear you. I get you. I am you.

And together, we can change what the rest of the world sees, hears, and gets.

If you need help finding your voice, let me know and I’ll get you there.

The best sandwich has two buns and if you need help finishing making your sandwich,

I got you.


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